New electric truck company Chanje emerges from stealth; first model out this year

Chanje, a California-based commercial electric vehicle and energy solutions company, has

Chanje is a privately held US-registered corporation with technology and investment from its co-founding partner, Hong-Kong-based FDG Electric Vehicles Limited. FDG Electric Vehicles Limited is a vertically integrated battery and electric vehicle manufacturer listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange that engages in (i) vehicle design and the design, manufacture and sale of electric vehicles; (ii) research and development, production and sale of lithium-ion batteries and related products; (iii) research and development, manufacture and sale of cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries; and (iv) direct investment.

In order to convert large North American commercial fleets to zero-emission as efficiently as possible, Chanje strategically chose to partner with FDG to leverage its technology and economies of scale found in China. FDG and Chanje co-created the product. FDG brings immediate scale and OEM expertise in medium-duty EVs. Chanje has provided global expertise from the transportation sector, innovation engineering and a deep understanding of clean energy vehicle adoption.

FDG and other partners combined have invested nearly US $1 billion in bringing the medium-duty EV to market.

Bryan Hansel, CEO of Chanje, also announced additions to the executive team:

  • Ian Gardner, President – previously The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Duke Energy, Los Angeles Clean Tech Incubator and others

  • Joerg Sommer, Chief Operating Officer – previously SVP at Volkswagen, Daimler, Renault and others

  • James Chen, VP and General Counsel – previously VP at Tesla, two of Washington, D.C.’s top law firms, the US EPA and other

  • Jeff Robinson, VP of Manufacturing – previously Tesla, Ford, Mazda, General Motors and others

  • Suresh Jayanthi, VP of Energy Services – previously Schneider Electric and others

Chanje will subsequently work with large fleet customers to provide renewable energy and charging capabilities as a turnkey service. Chanje’s goal is to support organizations as they transition to energy systems that are secure, stable, local, renewable and efficient. This will be in the form of a microgrid depot solution that is expected to include four components: renewable energy; charging infrastructure; energy storage; and grid services.

Chanje is currently undergoing a site selection process for an assembly facility in the United States which will create both high-quality long-life electric vehicles at scale and American clean transportation jobs. The Chanje search includes multiple states near port facilities west of the Mississippi.

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