Tories under fire over bewildering and shambolic Hinkley C delay

  Labour has accused the government of sending the message that Britain can’t be trusted with large infrastructure projects, following the government’s announcement to delay a final decision on the nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point. ‘Ministers have claimed Britain is open for business after the referendum, but this delay could deter the investors we need to build a strong economy,’ commented shadow energy secretary Barry Gardiner. ‘This is an appalling signal Read more […]


A Review Of The Freight Shipping Industry So Far In 2016

We have passed the halfway point of 2016 while weathering the global economic roller coaster in the beginning of the year. Taking a look back, we have seen some changes in regard to freight transportation and consumer spending. While we have to take into account that market conditions ebb and flow based on the season and customer buying trends, there is consistent data showing some interesting trends that need to be monitored in the coming months, from the significant increase in the amount of freight Read more […]



Tonight on CBS, the 13-part murder mystery series AMERICAN GOTHIC premieres with a surprisingly funny but very tense episode that follows the wealthy Hawthorne family as they are forced to confront sins of the past in an effort to keep those sins from derailing their future. Virginia Madsen is perfectly cast as the icy and reserved family matriarch, Madeline, who welcomes her brood home to the absurdly large family estate, in an effort to rally around golden child Alison (Hawthorne-Price, played Read more […]



The death of Darwin’s evolution theory continues due to the evidence found in genome deterioration, sickle cell anemia mortality, beneficial mutations elusiveness, disease proliferation, and recent genetic mutations.   Analysis of DNA/RNA mutations reveals that these genetic transformations cannot offer meaningful new information in significant quantities. Rather, these mutations will generate information degradation in the genome. This scientific observation is against the neo-Darwinian Read more […]


CONCACAF kicks off referee course in Miami

The Tier 2 referee program offers match officials – each at various stages of their international careers — an opportunity to receive special theoretical and practical training.  MIAMI — A three-day course for 50 CONCACAF referees and assistant referees opened Thursday here, with some of football’s top instructors sharing their considerable reservoir of knowledge. The Tier 2 referee program offers match officials – each at various stages of their international careers Read more […]


Notable Ex Cadet: 5576 Leonard Lee Dies in his 78th Year

Notable Ex Cadet: 5576 Leonard Lee – Dies in his 78th Year By: WJO 5576 Leonard Gordon Patrick Lee entered Royal Roads in September 1958. The rural Saskatchewan native, spent two years in Victoria, BC earning the English prize at the end of second year; he also starred on the senior rugger team. An aspiring pilot, he was awarded the Royal Canadian Air Force Association – Award of Merit – in May 1960. He arrived at Royal Military College of Canada in September, 1960 and quickly Read more […]