10 Richest People of All Time, Are Rich People Evil?

Who are the richest people? Who are the richest people of all time? Usually people associate rich being bad. But  are rich evil? There have been countless fortunes won and lost throughout history. People have built massive amounts of wealth a variety of ways: through inheritance, through the crown, savvy investing, or building incredibly powerful businesses. Lets look at Are Rich People bad? Is Money root of all evil and see 10 richest people of all time Are Rich people bad? The general Read more […]


ANGLE for Windows Now Available On NuGet

This blog was written by Tony Balogh, Senior Program Manager. You have developed and/or published apps running on iOS and Android with OpenGL ES content. You want your app in the hands of the forecasted 1 billion Windows 10 users, but your graphics code will not run across all Windows devices without a major re-write. However, you’ve heard about Microsoft’s efforts to ease the porting of apps to run on Windows. How do you port your app while minimizing the amount of code that needs to Read more […]


Near Me

Call it by any name – sharing economy, collaborative consumption, relationship economy or asset economy – the sharing  and leasing of products and services has gained rapid momentum in recent year. In the past five years alone, the sharing economy has created 17 hugely successful billion-dollar companies, and an increasing number of startups. As the trend of sharing spawns more and more business opportunities, interestingly, it’s also paving the way for a new breed of businesses Read more […]


Reflections on Ryanairs mobile website

Ryanair quietly launched its first mobile booking website last month. This follows CEO Michael O’Leary’s announcement in its 2014 annual report that the carrier will no longer “allow” competitors to “develop better websites and mobile platforms than those at Ryanair”. NB: This is a guest article by Hinnerk Gnutzmann, founder and CEO for Flexponsive. The ambitious plan is backed by a “serious” investment in Ryanair Labs – a “tech startup Read more […]


SoftBank announces innovation program for smart homes and vehicles, digital marketing, healthcare

Is your startup working on smart home appliances or connected cars? Japanese internet and telecommunications giant SoftBank might want to work with you. The firm today announced the SoftBank Innovation Program, a global initiative that will support the development of third-party products and services with SoftBank’s own resources. The program will seek partnerships in four specific verticals: smart homes, connected vehicles, digital marketing, and healthcare. To be considered, entrants must Read more […]


Heavy Trucking Employees Face Major Workforce Shortages

  While most major industries in America face workforce shortages, perhaps no industry is affected quite like heavy trucking. A plethora of other businesses rely on trucking every day to ship inventory quickly and efficiently. Yet, the heavy trucking industry continues to suffer from a lack of interested candidates. Below, we’ve highlighted some reasons for the shortage and discussed how to alleviate or eliminate them. Rise of Technology Google is currently streamlining the way we experience Read more […]