French Presidential Election Vocabulary

Ah, the beginning of November is upon us … the season of spectacular foliage, chilling temperatures, and … particularly divisive elections. This article, French Presidential Election Vocabulary, first appeared on French Language Blog.

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The death of Darwin’s evolution theory continues due to the evidence found in genome deterioration, sickle cell anemia mortality, beneficial mutations elusiveness, disease proliferation, and recent genetic mutations.   Analysis of DNA/RNA mutations reveals that these genetic transformations cannot offer meaningful new information in significant quantities. Rather, these mutations will generate information degradation in the genome. This scientific observation is against the neo-Darwinian Read more […]


I cant believe youre supporting Donald Trump: Jan Brewer stuns Martin OMalley with refusal to acknowledge Trumps campaign of bigotry

(Credit: CNN) With his poll numbers reaching heights unseen since the days following the assassination of Osama bin Laden, President Obama’s warnings against Donald Trump’s campaign of bigotry have grown louder and more forceful in recent days. At a fundraiser for Washington Democratic Governor Jay Inslee on Friday, the president minced no words in describing the state of politics as it stands with Trump as a viable contender to be his successor. “We don’t have time Read more […]


Brexit referendum poses economic questions short- and long-term for luxury spend

As the United Kingdom prepares to vote on the European Union referendum on June 23, what impact would an exit have on luxury? Recent polls have shown a majority support for exiting the EU, with undecided voters swaying heavily in that direction and upending initial projections. The uncertainty that Britain’s exit would cause for the nation, Europe and the U.S. suggests challenges and eroded confidence among consumers in the short-term, with longer-term effects difficult to project. “As Read more […]


Governors and the Federal Cabinet

President Barack Obama with his first cabinet Enrollment in the class of governors who have “suspended” their 2016 presidential races has now grown to nine. This includes two sitting governors – Chris Christie (NJ) who has two more years in his final term and Scott Walker (WI) who faces no term limits, and seven former governors – Lincoln Chafee (RI), Jim Gilmore (VA), Mike Huckabee (AR), Bobby Jindal (LA), Martin O’Malley (MD), George Pataki (NY) and Rick Perry Read more […]


Sanders Wins Indiana Primary, But Hillary Clinton Continues To Advance In Delegate Fight

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders scored something of a surprise victory in last night’s Indiana Primary, but as we’ve seen so many times in the past, his actual victory in the race for delegates was negligable at best and unlikely to slow Hillary Clinton’s momentum toward a majority at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia: In the Democratic contest, Senator Bernie Sanders rebounded from a string of defeats to prevail in Indiana over Hillary Clinton, who largely abandoned Read more […]