Myanmar's Suu Kyi visits troubled diaspora in Thailand

Bangkok (AFP) – Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi arrived Thursday in Thailand where she is expected to be garlanded by her adoring compatriots, hundreds of thousands of whom have sought work and sanctuary from war across the border. It is Suu Kyi’s highest profile overseas visit since her pro-democracy party took power in April, ending nearly half a century of military domination. Her government has seeded hopes for a new era of prosperity that could eventually convince the army of low-paid Read more […]


Hungarys amateur African all-stars battle prejudice

Budapest (AFP) – The bongo drum means only one thing in Hungarian football: Internationale CDF, a team mostly of African immigrants ripping up the amateur leagues and challenging prejudices, are on the pitch. “We go win forever! We love Jesus!” roars the dreadlocked Theophilus, 38, the team’s self-appointed spiritual healer and djembe drummer, during a recent away match in the industrial town of Tiszaujvaros. Nelson Victor, 34, who found himself stranded in Hungary — Read more […]


NATO to Deploy Battlegroups to Baltic States, Poland

Michael Fallon and Ashton Carter, the defense secretaries of the United Kingdom and the United States, talk during a meeting of the North Atlantic Council in Brussels, October 8, 2015 (NATO)NATO defense minister have agreed to station four battlegroups in the Baltic states and Poland to guard against Russian aggression in the region. Britain, Canada, Germany and the United States would each send some 800 soldiers to protect the three Baltic nations as well as the narrow strip of land around the city Read more […]


When Will the Cyber 9/11 Strike the USA?

  By John mariotti.    (1) Anyone who has read the news lately must have noticed how many instances of hacking and cyber-intrusions are being reported. The U.S. government seems to be among the most vulnerable and the Chinese are usually the presumed perpetrator. But for every intrusion that makes the headlines, tens of thousands go unreported, or, in a few cases, thwarted by prevention systems.   The problem is so severe and so pervasive that a coordinated attack similar Read more […]


News in Brief 17 June 2016 (PM)

  More than a quarter of a million Burundians have fled to neighbouring countries since April 25, 2015, most of them to Tanzania. Photo: UNHCR/Benjamin Loyseau Impunity “the order of the day” in Burundi crisis Impunity for serious present and past human rights violations remains “the order of the day” in Burundi, three independent experts have charged. The members of the UN Independent Investigation on Burundi (UNIIB) concluded their second visit to the Great Lakes nation on Friday. Burundi Read more […]


Vietnam In The Rear View Mirror

Recently, President Obama ended Washington’s half-century old arms embargo against the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. In this interesting article, Dr. Earl Tilford suggests that one of the geo-strategic reasons more than 58,000 Americans died in the Vietnam War was to stop a perceived Chinese expansion southward. Today, however, China is expanding its influence to the south as it reaches for regional hegemony with future global geo-political aspirations. Tilford argues, “That’s Read more […]