Zac Efron will be getting his shirt off again for Bad Neighbours 2

Good news for anybody who saw the first instalment of Bad Neighbours and thoroughly enjoyed Zac Efron getting his top off and his abs out at any given opportunity – there’s going to be a sequel and the High School Musical hottie will be making his big return to the movie alongside co-stars Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne.

Universal Pictures confirmed earlier today that the R-rated comedy, which was a box office hit in summer 2014 will be making it’s way on to the big screen and in cinemas from it’s May 13, 2016 release date. According to the Hollywood Reporter the second film will have a female twist.

Whilst the first movie saw new parents played by Seth and Rose come up against the outrageous members of a party loving fraternity when they moved in next door led by Zac, the second will see the trouble coming from a sorority who are indulging in their own bad behaviour.

Zac Efron in Bad Neighbours topless showing off his abs

Zac shows off his chef skills – and his amazing abs in Bad Neighbours (UNIVERSAL)

The couple then enlist the help of their former enemies to take on the girls as they battle it out with a breand new set of troublesome neighbours and try to get their well needed victory. The big question is are there going to be sex toy weapons deployed again this time?

The movie will begin shooting this summer, form an orderly queue to check out Zac’s abs now girls!

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