Zhang Jike Made Liu Guoliang Happy In The Squad Trials

Zhang Jike Made Liu Guoliang Happy In The Squad Trials - TableTennista

As the squad trials started this week, Zhang Jike was able to show the people a better form compared to last year. Despite some difficulties he faced in his matches, he displayed a high level of fighting spirit which impressed the head coach Liu Guoliang. In his interview, he was very happy to see a new Zhang Jike and he said he hopes the Grand Slam champion to finish in top three. 

Sina Sports. Zhang Jike was able to show a good performance in this week’s squad trials after posting three straight wins. This of course made Liu Guoliang happy. 

The Chinese Men’s Team started with their squad trials for the 2016 World Team Championships this week. After a poor year last year, a lot were expecting [[Zhang Jike]]’s performance in the competition, including the head coach [[Liu Guoliang]]. 

The head coach revealed his conversation with Zhang Jike before the competition. He hoped that Zhang Jike would be able to finish in the top three. 

“If we can accomplish such goal, it will show that his overall strength has been gradually restored. As of now, speaking for themselves, the biggest test is in the mental and physical aspects. Today’s game made me very satisfied and moved.” Liu Guoliang said after the first day of competition. 

On that day, Zhang Jike met some difficulties but was able to overcome all of it. 

“Everybody was able to see in the morning and afternoon matches that he really adhered to those matches. In the second match, he played until the last set in 11-9. I feel that with this kind of fighting spirit is half the battle. Before, my greatest worry for him was his fighting spirit and desire to compete.” Liu Guoliang concluded. 

Photo source: Sina Sports 

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